29 August 2013
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Thanking God for what He has done up to date!

Thanking God for what He has done up to date!

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Thanking God for what He has done up to date!

Thanking God for what He has done up to date!


28 August 2013
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Money for payroll

A van

A pick-up truck

15 computers

School supplies (letter size grid 3 by 3mm paper, board markers, letter size printing paper, silicone)



15 August 2013
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What are we doing to change this reality?

What are we doing to change this reality?


3 August 2013
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2013 has been a year of growth… growth in many ways!! God has been faithful to us and using people like you, has made it possible to almost be finishing another school year.  On Monday we are starting our last unit for 2013.  This year has also been a year in which our kids have proven themselves able to overcome new challenges in their lives.


ENGLISH:  For the first time we participated in an spelling contest in Guatemala city.  We were able to compete with other schools such as  We won the second place for seventh grade.

 SCIENCE:  The University of San Carlos of Guatemala organized a science contest.  On the first round, among 943 kids for our state, they chose 5 kids. One of our students is in third place… Today he went for a second round on a regional basis… waiting on results.

 POETRY:  We won a second place!!
ONE DAY WITH JUSTICE:  organized by peace corp in Ciudad Vieja.  Three of our kids went today to represent elementary school… waiting on results.

We are so proud of our kids, they have learned a lot and grown a lot by going out there and proving themselves that they are able to meet any goal they set for themselves!

Thank you for being part of changing a generation.  For further information, please contact us at


2 January 2012
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It is a blessing to be able to write to you once again with news about how God has been faithful and has continued to bless us.

During the first half of November, we had our summer school, a time in which the children were able to go over some of their classes, like math, spelling and English. We also had a chance to share with the students that will be joining us next year. We know that it’s God who brings them to us and we are privileged to be able to work with them.

We had the chance to share a Thanksgiving dinner with the children. Even though this is not a tradition in Guatemala, we also believe that it is important to have a special day out of our year to thank God for the many blessings he has granted us. We all enjoyed this day (both young and old) as well as the presence of the Julianelle and Beulkman families who shared this meal with us and brought crafts and fun games for the children.

One thing we are very thankful for is finally having the legal documents that allow us to expand our ministry here at Kairos. We are now authorized to teach pre-school and middle school, something we have had in our prayers for two years now.

It’s our belief that education from a young age is crucial. A dictator once said “If I can indoctrinate a child before his sixth birthday, he’ll be mine for life.” This is a strong provocative statement that also holds some validity. Here in Guatemala, education is not compulsory until the age of seven. When children enter the first grade, their motor skills are hindered, and they must learn the basics: colors, letters, numbers; an act that delays their progression. If a child goes to pre-school, he learns these things at an earlier age, arriving at first grade with reading skills, increased motor skills, and therefore better foundation for academic achievement.

These last two weeks have been a time for training, planning and praying toward 2012. We are praying for the new students, the students that will continue, and for our staff and the new additions to it. We have been praying for our vision here at Kairos, and for God to bless this organization in ways that are beyond measure. We are aware that we have a long road ahead of us, and that this is only the beginning.

On the 25th of November we had a chance to throw the first ever Kairos Guatemala Association benefit dinner. It was a new experience for our staff, something different here in Guatemala where the custom is to receive rather than give. We are working hard to change that mindset and to be able to teach Guatemalans that giving is far better than receiving.

We would like to thank the people that were a part of this event, our visitors from the US who joined us, as well as Yoli Hernández, who was of great blessing and crucial to the organization of the event.

We believe that there is a time for everything, which is why now, is the time to take a break, a time to be with family, share with friends and recharge our batteries for next year.  We hope to continue working to impact lives in a positive way in Guatemala, and we pray that you continue to be a part of this change. The dream with your prayers, contributions and help has helped immensely. May God continue to bless you and have a wonderful end of the year!


Asociacion Kairos Guatemala.

 2012 Wish List

¡The hands of those who give will never be empty!

6 Desktop computers

15 Desks for our new preschool class

1 Digital Projector

Textbooks and work books, En Vision

  • Math and Science 1th. 2nd. y 3th.
  • Spanish Grammar 1th. To 8th.
  • Math, Science and History (Latin America) 7th. And 8th.
  • English and Bible pre-school a 8th.

School Material/School Supplies

Clothing and shoes (for kids between 5 and 18 years of age)

Board Games (for 4th. To 8th. Grade)

Volunteers… (English teachers, Special Education teachers, etc.)

Newsletter September

4 October 2011
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Dear Friends,

We pray that the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ is with you.

 Guatemala is this: a place full of trees, an indigenous population of over 51%, an official language that is Spanish, along with 23 other Mayan languages, and a varied climate, spanning from sea level to 4200 feet above sea level.

 Guatemala was a Spanish colony from 1523 until September 15th, 1821, the date which is still the day that we celebrate our country’s independence.

Despite its newfound freedom, Guatemala was still bound by its lack of governing experience, and its abuse of power at the hand of the authorities; which led to a revolution in 1944 and an agricultural reform that sought to better the life of the agrarian population.

 This reform brought on a split in society, leading to a Civil war that began in the 70’s and went on through the early 90’s.

These and many other historical factors contributed to the Guatemala we know today. A country that is regrettably crippled by illiteracy, malnutrition and poverty. We firmly believe that this is the Kairos, this  is God’s perfect timing, a time he has chosen to do something good and productive for our country. This is why we continue to work and ask for your support so that we can change this generation, and through them, change the course of our nation’s history.


¡We thank the teachers, volunteers, staff and you… for being a part of this generation of change!

Kid´s Day Party

4 October 2011
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Carta informativa

1 September 2011
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Newsletter Agust 2011

1 September 2011
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24 August 2011
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Buen día todos

Estamos vendiendo café, pulseras, calendarios y playeras para recaudar fondos, sabemos que algunos de ustedes han estado pendientes de esto. Si están interesados favor contactar a

Desde ya, gracias por colaborar con nosotros, Dios les bendiga



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